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2017年8月18日 ... ... ザ・ブッチャー79Dec Wahoo McDaniel vs Abdullah The Butcher ... Ric Flair/ Harley Race/Masked Superstar vs Blackjack Mulligan/Dick ...

Gino Hernandez & Tully Blanchard vs. ... Abdullah the Butcher. 7. ... Ray Stevens, Blackjack Mulligan & Baron Von Raschke w/Bobby Heenan & Blackjack Lanza. WWE: This Madman Says He Could Break The Undertaker's Streak 9 Mar 2014 ... Hardcore wrestling icon Abdullah the Butcher, known for his violent ... and had great matches -- Don Leo Jonathan, Blackjack Mulligan, Giant Baba in ... http:// Unbeknownst to many ... WCCW World Class Championship Wrestling (1986) | WWF Old School Abdullah the Butcher vs. Jerry Allen Steve Simpson vs. Killer Brooks Blackjack Mulligan vs. Brian Adias Lance & Kevin Von Erich & Chris Adams vs. Rick Rude ... Abdullah the Butcher - Sports - Canoe Abdullah the Butcher in our Canadian Hall of Fame .... 05/21 Ste Foy, QC double count out vs. Jacques ...... 06/07 San Francisco, CA drew Blackjack Mulligan

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Abdullah the Butcher - Wikiwand As a result of his frequent traveling, Abdullah the Butcher usually served as more of a special .... Match of the Year Award (1979) with Tiger Jeet Singh vs. Daily Pro Wrestling History (05/07): Flair vs. Steamboat at WrestleWar ... May 7, 2019 ... Jerry Christy defeated Abdullah the Butcher for the Stampede North American ... Blackjack Mulligan won the Amarillo NWA International ... 194 Top icons of the squared circle images | Professional Wrestling ... See more. Abdullah the Butcher vs Andre the Giant Professional Wrestling, Big Time, Wwe, Legends .... Abdullah the Butcher vs Blackjack Mulligan. mike fields. The Blackjacks vs Abdullah The Butcher & Crusher Blackwell ...

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Kabuki vs Abdullah the Butcher 10. Kabuki vs One Man Gang(Lumberjack Match) BEST OF GREAT KABUKI VOL. 2 VHS . 1. Kabuki vs Killer Brooks . 2. Kabuki vs Mark Lewin . 3. Kabuki vs Al Madril . 4. Kabuki/Rick Rude vs Chris Adams/Steve Simpson . 5. Kabuki/Matt Borne/Buzz Sawyer vs Bruiser Brody/Steve Simpson/Lance Von Erich . 6. Abdullah the Butcher - Wikipedia

3) Hector Guerrero vs. Bill Irwin ended in a draw 4) Rick Rude & Jesse Barr defeated U.S. tag team champs Jay & Mark Youngblood to win the title 5) Blackjack Mulligan beat Terry Gordy in a bunkhouse match 6) Abdullah the Butcher vs. Wahoo McDaniel ended in a no contest

1986 - Superstar - Billy Graham - Record Book Superstar Billy Graham, Blackjack Mulligan vs Kevin Sullivan, Purple haze · March 3, 1986 Portland, ME Superstar Billy Graham vs Abdullah The Butcher Tournament - Dory Funk Stone Cold Steve Austin vs Superstar Billy Graham Miguel Perez vs ... Stu Hart vs Blackjack Mulligan Gerald Brisco vs ... Don Muraco vs Abdullah the Butcher Best of Wahoo McDaniel 3 Disc DVD Set, Wrestling Epicenter Store! Wahoo, Dick Murdock, and Blackjack Mulligan vs Ric Flair, Harley Race, and Masked ... Wahoo and Frank Hill vs the Shiek and Abdullah The Butcher (Japan) 9.


Bugsy McGraw - Wikipedia Michael Davis (born November 1, 1945), best known as Bugsy McGraw, is a retired American ... Pringle, team of The Missing Link, The Assassin, and Abdullah the Butcher. ... Wrestling as a heel and feud with old partner Blackjack Mulligan. Mid-Atlantic Superstar Wrestling Results - Blackjack Mulligan ... vs. Blackjack Daniels 02/01 Minneapolis, MN Butcher Vachon beat Bob Windham .... 01/21 Washington, DC Blackjack Mulligan & Bulldog Brower vs. Bobo Brazil ...... 09/28 Miami, FL Blackjack Mulligan no contest with Abdullah The Butcher Best of Harley Race (Blu-Ray with Cover Art), IVP Videos

AWA, PORTLAND, ST.LOUIS, WWC-PUERTO RICO, MEMPHIS, SMOKY MOUNTAIN BlackJack Mulligan & Black Jack Lanza vs. Jerry Blackwell & Abdullah The Butcher Steve Regal vs. Craig Carson Brad Rheigans vs. Rooster Griffin Abdullah The Butcher vs. Jimmy Doo Olympic Greco Roman Wrestling Match Baron Von Raschke & Crusher vs. Black Panther & Bruce D Many Interviews AWA VOL. 45 Jimmy Garvin v. Jerry Monte Blackjack Wcw - Blackjack Wcw. blackjack wcw How can the answer be improved?Nov 06, 2014 Jack Brisco vs Abdullah the Butcher All Japan Champion Carnival March 27th, 1981 - Duration: 12:45.