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With the 3DS I'm not missing the GBA slot too much because I have Ambassador games, GB and DS games. For GBA games I pull out my DS Lite or my GCN with a GBA Player attached to it or an emulator since they run so easily on a PC. I'm much more concerned about my DS back catalogue because the number of great games I haven't played to death is far ...

The following is an alphabetical list of Nintendo DS games with a special Game Boy Advance linkage function. When the corresponding Game Boy Advance game cartridge is inserted into the Nintendo DS' GBA slot, special features are unlocked in the Nintendo DS game. Weird GBA Slot Glitch on Nintendo DS - YouTube I discovered this about 3 hours ago, and felt like making a video. Before I made this video, the ammount of time I could keep the GBA game out was longer, but this is good enough to prove a point. How to run GBA games on your DS | GBAtemp.net - The ... How to run GBA games on your DS Slot-1 Flashcarts There are four flashcarts that can emulate GBA games without the need for a slot-2 cart. Supercard... List of Nintendo DS and 3DS flash cartridges - Wikipedia The GBA Movie Player (GBAMP) is a CompactFlash adapter for the Game Boy Advance. It supports playing music and movies; NES and Game Boy games (under 200kb) and Game Boy Advance games (under 256kb) from the CF card, and reading text files. Its low price and simple design make it suitable for DS homebrew.

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Can the new 3/2DS play DS games? | IGN Boards But it won't be worth it if I can't play DS games with backwards compatibility. ... All iterations of the 3DS can play all DS games, except those that require the GBA-slot. ... my old DS Lite to ... How to run GBA games on your DS | GBAtemp.net - The ... How to run GBA games on your DS Slot-1 Flashcarts There are four flashcarts that can emulate GBA games without the need for a slot-2 cart. Supercard... Should I get a DS Lite or wait for the DSI? - Nintendo Fan ... Heres an idea , get the ds lite then buy a psp instead sill seeing that the dsi will have no internet connection STILL plus psp has skpe and stuff but the DSI WILL NOT HAVE A GBA SLOT AND IT WILL ...

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What are GBA DS games - answers.com You need to have national dex and beaten the elite 4.Go to Sandgem town and go the beach.Carry on surfing to the end where you'll find the pal park .Save and put the Gba game in your Ds's Gba slot ... Should I buy a Nintendo DS or DSI? | Yahoo Answers The DSi also has a built in camera. BUT, the DSi does NOT have a GBA slot, so if you still have some GBA games you like and play every so often then you can't with the DSi, and you also can't play any of the Guitar Hero DS games since they require the GBA slot. I would say go for the DS Lite, has the GBA slot and it's cheaper.

good thing i still have my gameboy micro and i never liked to play gba games on the ds, Either way this system will sell more than the current ds lite and nintendo knows that.

The Best Gameboy/GBColor Emulator for Nintendo DS: Lameboy. Just because we have a DS doesn’t mean we don’t want to play some older portable Nintendo games. While we could play the original Gameboy cartridges on our Gameboy Advances, the Nintendo DS doesn’t afford us that luxury. Answers | Yahoo Answers

All DS games are compatible with the DSi, except those that require the GBA slot. [134] Because of its absence, the DSi is not backward compatible with GBA Game Paks or with accessories that require the GBA slot, such as the Nintendo DS …

Does the DSi XL have a gba slot? - Nintendo DS Answers for ... No it doesn't have GBA slot. It is almost identical to a DSi except for it's larger brighter screens, extra capacity battery, and an extra pen-sized stylus. If you need a GBA slot get a new DS Lite.

Should I Buy the Nintendo DS Lite or the DSi? Are you undecided about purchasing the Nintendo DSi or the older Nintendo DS Lite? This list outlines the key functions of both handheld systems. WarioWare Twisted! Review (GBA) | Nintendo Life The disco-dancer Jimmy has games that require big spins, whilst the jack-of-all-trades student Mona will require little twists for her stage. Nintendo DS - Bulbapedia, the community-driven Pokémon The Nintendo DS (Japanese: ニンテンドーDS Nintendo DS) is Nintendo's fifth series, seventh generation handheld game console.